Tripwire posted Dec 6, 17

So you're probably like.. Who are these guys and why are there two group names? Well...

Who We Are:

     Mekka-Flux.net is a small growing community based around fair play & A challenging environment. Our main goal is rto develop as a community without the need to use pay-to-win or pay-to-play scenarios, but rather an "all-for-onesetup. Sounds kinda corny right? Let me explain, basically we strive to level the playing field by giving back; to everyone whenever and individual generously supports us! For example, someone were to donate an amount, buy a rank or even glances at the store page, we may then send out a reward to all the individuals online! We hold true to the EULA by only offering cosmetic entities that make your gameplay more enjoyable! While starting our journey we have come across another community who's goals align with our own. Arkenhold is our neighbor RPG based minecraft server! If slotted weapons and clearing dungeons is your thing I recommend you check them out! ..no really take a look! After long discussions we have agreed to come together and give our users a more broad yet still balanced experience in our community.

I proudly present to you Arkenhold & Mekka-Flux.